January 21, 2014

Mad World

With Martin Pittis on bass and Don Kinney on drums.

Jazz Jam

March 15, 2014

Next Saturday, March 22nd, I’ll be hosting a Jazz Jam in Yakima. Gasperetti’s has incredible food and quality drinks, and I highly recommend making an evening out of it.

Also, I’ve actually kind of been keeping up on my musings page, most recently with the various iterations of a new song I’ve been writing. The front page here will mainly be kept for performance news, while the musings will be updated at least weekly with random musical and non-musical happenings. See you next week!

Welcome back

January 21, 2014

After months of not playing and generally being incommunicado in the music world, I’m getting the website back up and running. The boy is 2 years old now, and I’m able to get some time to myself during the day to start practicing, arranging, and booking.

If you’re currently listening to the song I posted, you’re no doubt reveling in the melodious sounds of my new Rhodes. It’s a beautiful instrument with a great voice and wonderful stage presence. Expect to see it at most upcoming shows.

Also, a quick note. A few of you have noticed that my twitter bar on the left hasn’t been updating. Sadly, the back end of my website stopped supporting stuff, and long story short, it’s a known issue. I still update twitter fairly regularly, and if you’re interested in my menial day-to-day thoughts, you can visit it directly here.

Lastly, as I explore this exciting experience known as life, I’ll be writing up various things on my musings page. Most will be related to my music, the various projects that I’m plugging away at. Some will be dealing with food, as I love to cook. Some might be life with the child, as that’s a fairly all-consuming thing. And while I’m not setting any high expectations for myself, I am going to post simple things more regularly.

Enjoy the music.