Latest Music from Ben

Waltz for a Rainy Day

Recorded during a practice session in my living room. Martin Pittis on bass and Matt Larsen on drums.

April Shows

March 31, 2015

Spring is in full bloom around my house. This means I am spending much of my time helping my wife work on the lawn, garden, and other outdoor items that force me out of my hole into the visage of that terrible celestial orb. Luckily there are a few upcoming evenings that I can enjoy a respite from the manual labor a present some quality music to you, the discerning listener.

As always, you can check my Calendar Page for a complete listings of upcoming shows, but I wanted to highlight a few here. First, we’ll be playing in Camas, WA (right outside of Portland) this Friday night, at Birch Street Uptown Lounge. I’ll be joined by the talented Blake Lyman on saxophone.

After that, you’ll have two opportunities to hear my trio in the Yakima Valley. First up is a last minute addition to the schedule at The Emerald of Siam next Saturday, April 11th. Then, two weeks later we’ll be playing in Prosser, WA at Airfield Winery on Friday, April 24th. With so many upcoming shows, I sincerely hope you can make it out.

New live video!

February 25, 2015

Just recently edited together a video from our Valentine’s Day show a J Bell Cellars. I’m sorry for the mediocre videography; I’m new at this. Enjoy!