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Hey Ya

Recorded live @ J Bell Cellars on 9.10.16

Ben Macy - Electric Piano
Martin Pittis - Bass
Matt Larsen - Drums
Kevin Lane - Sax
Stephen Grindel - Trumpet

Thanks for a great series!

September 19, 2016

I just wanted to throw this song up as a thank you to everyone that came out to any show at the Jazz at J Bell summer series. We had great crowds every weekend, including my own show on September 10th, and it will finish strong this weekend with the Bylines. I’ll be sitting in on accordion, and the weather looks to be amazing. Do yourself a favor and enjoy incredible music and great food this Saturday the 24th.

As fall is well upon us now, I’m still plugging away on a couple projects. I’m not quite ready to announce anything yet, but I’m working on a few shows, including a couple house concerts and a Christmas show. I’m also practicing with a few new people, which is very exciting, including a guitarist and vocalist. Thanks to each of you for your continued support of quality music.