Latest Music from Ben

A Rose for Emily

Recorded live at J Bell Cellars. Featuring Martin Pittis on bass and Taryn Zickefoose on drums.

New live video!

February 25, 2015

Just recently edited together a video from our Valentine’s Day show a J Bell Cellars. I’m sorry for the mediocre videography; I’m new at this. Enjoy!

Another year

January 20, 2015

It’s been a long 2014, and to call the updates to my website sporadic would be generous. While there may not be huge updates every week, as my boy gets older I am finding more time and energy to devote to playing music again. I’m excited to start booking, performing, and generally enjoying something that I haven’t been able to do nearly enough in the last few years. That said, here’s a few updates.

I’ve starting booking for spring and summer, and already have a few gigs lined up in various places around the Northwest. Keep an eye on my calendar page for updates and when I’m playing a show near you.

I’ve also started playing with a new group. We call ourselves Bourbon & Bellows, and we perform French/New Orleans jazz. It’s a great opportunity for me to work on my accordion and singing skills. The guys I play with are great, and the music is just a blast to play. Check us out at

Lastly, I’m still thoroughly enjoying playing with Eric Herman. We’re heading into the studio next week to record our first album as a full band. If you have kids, keep an eye out for us coming to your area. They’re sure to love the show.

Thanks for your continued support, and I look forward to playing a show near you soon!

Show Cancelation

August 4, 2014

About a week ago, I threw out my back lifting a cooler out of the trunk of a car. One of the most painful things I can do right now is sit, which you might recognize as a relatively essential component to playing piano.

Due to this unfortunately circumstance, I’ve had to cancel my show this Friday at Durant Vinyards. My sincere apologies to anyone planning to attend. I will keep my website updated as to when I can start practicing and playing again.

Cheers to each of you during this last hot leg of summer.


BMT at Maryhill

June 19, 2014

In their only appearance there this summer, the Ben Macy Trio will be playing 4 sets on the gorgeous deck at Maryhill Winery on Saturday, June 21st. The show starts at 1pm and runs all the way until 5pm. Ben will be joined by fan favorite Don Kinney on drums, and newcomer Ryan Donnelly on bass.

This show is a great opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch, great wine, and beautiful weather in the picturesque Columbia Gorge. Ben will be playing songs both old and new, and will be splitting the time between his rhodes and his accordion. If you haven’t seen his new show, now’s the time to make it out.

Direct from J Bell Cellars

June 2, 2014

As I was preparing for my upcoming show at Maryhill Winery, I was listening to the recording I made of my last show at J Bell Cellars. As the evening wore on and the crowd dwindled, we tried out a few new songs, and one in particular jumped out from our performance. Here it is in all its unedited glory: my rendition of the classic Zombies tune, A Rose for Emily.